Food additives and ready to use pastry ingredients are not allowed in Taste Art kitchen. Cakes, made with these ingredients which you could find in most bakeries are mostly lookes like  same tastes and textures. Since, making cakes with these  ingredients reduces the costs of these bakeries and is very easy to use. Also they enhance the taste, color and the expiration date of pastry products. Despite the allowance of these ingredients  in food sector  by many Ministries of  Health in many countries, there is no need to eat them. They are not natural, they are man-made materials and as many unnatural materials they can harm our body. Every day it is declerated a new harm of some additives, preservatives or ready to use ingredients by health authorities. Taste Art’s philosophy is “No, for additives!”.

Our products are produced by using natural materials such as, butter, real eggs, flour, sugar, high quality chocolates and cacao powder. You can find egg shells in our bin not pastorized egg boxes.

Our all  products are produced after your phone call just for you, this is why our cakes and other products are so fresh, tasty and good looking.
We believe in our quality, our well designed and delicious products and our customer oriented organization. It’s a pleasure to inform you that we do not delimit your dreams. We can turn all your dreams into cakes, It doesn’t matter what it is look like. May be a star dancing on the sky, may be a princess riding a horse, may be vintage costume or a pregnant mum looking down to her belly with a smile on face.

Don’t forget, all products are produced just for you after your phone call.

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