Our pastry chef is a statistics  graduate also has a MBA degree and has 8 years of  financial backround. When she couldn’t find any birthday cake without additive for her son’s first birthday, she decided to make it herself. After this first experience in cake world she find herself enjoying working and playing with cakes and started to train herself in this amazing and entertaining world. A long training, searching and  practising period is eventuated in delicious tastes with no additives. She decided to continue this job with a  diploma handed in pastry area and graduated from the most powerful and international licensed Culinary Art School in İstanbul with a third place degree.
With 7 years deep experience in pastry area and the philosophy of “ No, for additives!” in her mind, she makes cakes just for you and shares these tastes with an artistic touch.

    Our designed cakes, cupcakes, chocolates and cookies for your weddings, birthday parties, babyshower parties and etc. are all homemade production in a hygienic environment.

    We invite you to a trip of dreams to taste, taste to art.

Taste Art İstanbul
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